PHYPH-BSMS - Physics Photonics


Official Name of Program

Physics Photonics

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

BSMS - Bachelor of Science/Master of Science



NYSED Program Code

38021 - PHYPH-BSMS

CIP Code


Pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Photonics is…

  • Practical – Expand Your Employment Opportunities 

  • Cutting Edge – Work with Lasers and 3-D Printing Technology

  • Smart – Increase Your Breadth of Knowledge in Physics 

  • Personal – Study One-On-One with Professors Devoted to Your Goals

  • Convenient – Evening Courses and Labs Cater to Working Professionals

Photonics combines a foundational knowledge of physics with the applied skills of engineering. With a Master of Science in Photonics you will be in high demand across a broad spectrum of businesses, as advanced optical technology is rapidly transforming nearly every industry. At Queens College, you will work with the latest applications of optics, microwaves, lasers, and 3D printing technology.  

Queens College is a pioneering academic institution researching the technological manipulation of light. Photonics courses and labs are geared towards working engineering, mathematics, and physics professionals to help advance your education while maintaining your career goals.

Combined Physics B.S. – Photonics M.S. program (149 credits, Major Code: PHYPH-BSMS),  offers best students an opportunity to obtain both B.S. and M.S degrees in 5 years instead of usual 6 and with only 149 credits instead of 163. Sixteen graduate credits will be taken while students are still undergraduates and are charged at the undergraduate rates giving students a substantial saving. Photonics M.S. program has been certified by the Council of Graduate Studies as Professional Master’s Program.