HIST-BAMA - History


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BAMA - Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts



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36531 - HIST-BAMA

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With the permission of the Graduate Advisor, undergraduate History majors may take as many as three (3) GRADUATE COURSES as part of the completion of the BA degree in History. These courses (i) may satisfy the requirement for one course in upper-division non-western history and/or (ii) may count towards the student’s concentration.

Applicants must have a 3.7 GPA in History and are required to submit as part of their online application: (i) a writing sample of two pages or more demonstrating some of the student’s best work in a QC History course; (ii) the names of two History Department faculty members or instructors who have agreed to serve as the student’s recommenders (no formal letters of recommendation are needed).

Students approved to begin the Accelerated MA in History are required to take HIST 791 as one of their first MA-level courses (HIST 791 is the only required course for the Accelerated MA). To complete the program, students may take any 700-level course except HIST 792 or HIST 796. Students must also take the First Comprehensive Exam halfway through their MA coursework.

Note: If students have earned 9 graduate credits upon the completion of their BA in History, it is possible to complete the “professional track” MA (36 credits) in one additional year. Students participating in the “research track” MA, or in the joint MLS/MA program would also benefit from acceleration, although both require the student to submit an additional application and may take another academic year for the student to complete.  ​

To apply,  send Professor Grace Davie your writing sample and log into the Accelerated Degrees Online Application System using your QC username and password (CAMS account credentials, not CUNYfirst) to submit an application. Remember to upload your writing sample, and in the section titled, "Name of Reference" enter the names of the two History faculty members willing to serve as your recommenders. To learn more about the Master's in History (MA), see the department's website, or view a sample curriculum map.