Department: Honors in Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The objectives of Science Honors are to enhance the undergraduate education of students who are interested in a career in the mathematical and natural sciences by helping them choose a major, obtain early access to research opportunities, pursue a research project to a successful conclusion, and become participating members of the community of scholars at Queens College.

Science Honors builds a sense of community. Students get to know each other during the Seminar course through roundtable discussions, by working together on hands-on exercises, and presenting a short seminar on their own research project. They learn about each other’s research during seminars presented in HMNS 102 and 398. The students have their own room, a pleasant environment that they can use to study, share research experiences, socialize, read, and use state-of-the-art computers. A social gathering of students and faculty is held to celebrate the end of the semester, acknowledge awards and fellowships received by students, and discuss topics that concern the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.