Department: Africana Studies

The Africana Studies Program offers a structured body of courses leading to a major or a minor in Africana Studies. It is designed to provide knowledge of the civilization, history, literature, culture, and institutions of the peoples of Africa, as well as the peoples of African descent in the Caribbean and North America. Offerings consist of courses generic to Africana Studies as a whole as well as the following concentrations: Africa, the Caribbean, and the African-American experience.

Africana Studies should be of special interest to students who have either a cultural or professional interest in the African, African-Caribbean, or African-American experience. It should also be of interest to students who seek to understand a culture or civilization other than their own. It provides the background for graduate work in African, Caribbean, or African-American Studies, and may lead to careers in education, community organization and development, social work, business, media, and international service. Because the program draws from several disciplines, it is an excellent choice for a second major or a minor.